The Scottish PR Collective is a collaborative group of independent PR practitioners. The aim is to connect people, putting the ‘human’ back into our work.

Independent PR practitioners take advantage of lower overheads and they take charge of their own PR businesses.

The Scottish PR Collective offers you the chance to connect with people that you’ll be working with directly. The very people who’ll be advising you, managing your account, meeting with you and representing your business. Gone are the days of PR Directors pitching for business and before you know it you’ve got a junior person working on your account.

The site is set up by categories, so you can choose the person with the right skill-set and experience for your needs.

How to use the site: Use the categories tab on the right hand side of the page and choose what category is most important to you. The site will then show you every practitioner which that specific category applies to.

Then, you can contact the practitioner(s) with a completed briefing form and perhaps set up a meeting with them.