Scottish PR Collective Jenn Nimmo-Smith

Jenn Nimmo-Smith

Electric Shores Jenn Nimmo-Smith is a top senior publicist for the music, events, culture and fashion industries. She has 10 years professional experience working in PR and communications and, as founder of specialist agency Electric Shores, has led international campaigns for a stellar line-up of clients including Electric Fields Festival, Riverside Festival, Soma Records, Forty … Continue reading Jenn Nimmo-Smith

Scottish PR Collective Jill Creighton

Jill Creighton

Headline PR Headline PR generates and communicates positive messages for clients … it’s as simple (and as complicated) as that. This Glasgow-based consultancy set up almost 20 years ago by Jill Creighton, who brings extensive PR and Digital Marketing experience to the table. Jill is always the point of contact for clients. Communication with client … Continue reading Jill Creighton